The qiibee foundation has upgraded the QBX (qiibee token) Smart Contract at its core and a second version of the QBX (qiibee token) has been created.

A 'Token Swap' has launched and is available for all QBX (qiibee token) holders to upgrade and receive the QBX (qiibee token) version 2 (v2) which offers a more secure, reliable and efficient cryptocurrency on a global scale.

This upgrade to swap the current QBX (qiibee token) v1 to QBX (qiibee token) v2 is active for at least 3 months.

All current QBX (qiibee tokens) will be swapped to QBX (qiibee tokens) v2 @the same Market value. (1 QBX (qiibee token) v1 = 1 QBX (qiibee token) v2).